Sachem Speak's

 If an American native person has one millionth of a drop of native blood, they are native and welcome to be with our people.
Point of fact, my people, the indigenous people of this hemisphere, now known as
North & South America, have been in what is known as Indian Country, long before our brothers and sisters now known as African Americans, no disrespect intended.

Did that get your attention? Good!

My people have been in this hemisphere long before the Europeans!

My people have been in this hemisphere long before the Vikings!

If the Vikings were (assimilated into the Europeans, and the Europeans wanted protection of their rights they protested, right?
(Boston tea party).
Now each and every time African Americans want to protect their rights they hold another million person march! Good for them.

It is our turn, long over do, who gave the Europeans the right to claim that only people they nominate can be American native people?

To all traditional American native people, it is our turn to unite for our million native person march!

Aquine (Peace to all that visit my work in progress).


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