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Sunday 02/07/2010

When you go to the Cauchegan prayer rock page, down at the bottom are seven photo's of that very sacred area taken in times past by members of my Royal family.

if you have been following my other web sites you may remember the many times I reminisce  on the rock, the river, and the family cemetery at that and other sacred villages!

I get so tired of putting information and photo's on my web pages for family, friends and students, wishing  to hear the truth, only to see later how many wantabee's, copy and then state that that information is about their families!

The photo's at the bottom of that page are from my family, we hold the originals to prove this!

If I do not teach what my ancestors taught me, all will be lost at the time of cross to join my elders.

The pictures shown of this river is how it runs past the rock after winters like the one we are going through this year, it makes for good fishing.

The photos were de-face with dates so that it would be very hard for a claim to the pictures as theirs.

Photo # 1 was taken by Sachem Zeak in the winter of 1974.

Photo #2 was taken in 1988, Photo #3 was taken in 1882. Photo #4 was taken in 1886  just before Sachem Zeak my father crossed.

Photo #5 taken by Sachem Zeak in 1946, Photo # 6 Sachem Zeak took this picture of me making the trip to our prayer alter. Photo # 7 was taken by Sachem Walkingfox also in 1986.

Turtle Hill Village and Royal burial grounds.

This village was a regular stopping place between the Pequot River and Cauchegan Rock after the Mohegan’s had been out berry picking, fishing, or swimming, also with an alter and Royal burial ground.

What and where is this Turtle hill?

Shouldn't you find it hard to believe that throughout all of these years, with so many new INDIANS in New England, not one has tried to stake a claim to the 2nd most important place in Mohegan land, since just after the split from the parent family of Pequot’s.

The elders teach that our ancestors had to place braves on turtle hill  because the new enemy, Pequot’s and older enemies ,Narragansett’s and Tariateans used the Pequot river crossing in that spot to attack this new group of people.

The ancestors also used this area as a good resting place while traveling from the Pequot river, the ocean, and the elder villages, now called New London, Waterford, Quaker hill Montville and Norwich, on the way back to our village of Cauchegan.

Because it is believed that our 1st Sachem’s father and many of the Royal family are buried under this alter on the hill we had to swear on this alter, not to divulge the whereabouts of this very sacred place.

Unlike our prayer rock (Cauchegan village) we will never allow greed to pollute this land, this is written  because we wish for all traditional American Natives, “please add this land to your already long prayer list” to Grandfather Creator!


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