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Some historians est




While scanning through my visits from people looking for the truth on the internet about the Natives Americans of this country  


I found this question       Cochegan?


 and this link for their answer!



A geological curiosity, Cochegan Rock was proclaimed New England's largest boulder after it was measured in the 1870s by Harvard University scientists, who calculated it at 176,000 cubic feet. The most recent measurement, in 1986, showed the glacial erratic to be 54 feet long, 50 feet high and 58 feet wide, and weighing 7,000 tons. Ownership of the area around the rock was transferred in 2006 from the local Boy Scouts of America council to the Mohegan tribe. According to legend, the 17th-century chief Uncas, who founded the Mohegan tribe and made peace with the colonists, held council on this rock with other tribal elders.


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Silent Doug




The problem with this information is that it is incorrect!





I Walkingfox took this picture of our families prayer alter it was takes just before Sachem Zeak,


my father, crossed in 1986 and before they did this survey. You may know the rock as Cauchegan


the name of one of my relations that lived in and around the land and one of its protectors!


Click on their picture now before they (the casino's )remove it, and as you save it you will be saving it as  Cauchegan!


Same old story, A non native American took possession of the land that they did not own,


later that family gave this land that they did not own to the boy scouts and still later the boy scouts sold our land


the land that they also did not own to a casino of Indians chosen by non native government officials!