This is our prayer rock (Cauchegan's) from back to the time of my ancestor Sachem Uncas and long before first contact

as told to me many times by my elders now ancestors.

Sachem and his people (tribe) placed a table and some chairs ( made out of logs, branches and skins) on the top of this rock so,

while holding meetings they could also keep an eye out for any enemy.

From time to time you will see our prayer rock spelled the way the Europeans misspelled it as Cochegan Rock.


However, as was told at our meetings, as a reward for his services, Sachem Uncas gave this land to and set one of his

greatest warriors at the foot of this rock, the tribe helped him, the warrior and his family,

 build his round house right into the base of the rock.


At their next meeting he, Sachem Uncas, named the rock after that warriors family (Cauchagan's rock).


If you were to look closely at this photo we took back at a tribal meeting held by then Sachem Zeak, my father,

in the winter of 1986, photo # 6, you can still see the makings of our prayer alter.

At the foot the rock, running close to the opening of Warrior Cauchegan's door was the river he and the tribe would fish

in the warmer weather. Photo's 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Cauchegan River 1988 Cauchegan River 1988 Rock 1946 River 1974 Prayer 1975 Rock 1982 Cauchegan River CauchaganRock